Cash Warren and Jessica Alba. Photo by Stewart Cook/REX/Shutterstock (8435008ns)

Jessica Alba is pregnant yet again!

She was forced to go public with her baby announcement a little sooner than planned after her bump was spotted while vacationing with her family in Hawaii this past week. An eyewitness called E! News to tell them the actress was avoiding sipping any alcohol and was definitely showing.

When Jessica announced on Instagram that she and Cash were finally going to be outnumbered, her fans went crazy. Already parents of daughter Haven and Honor, the two seem thrilled to be adding to their family.

Regarding the sex of the baby Cash told MailOnline “I think we’ll wait and see what the surprise is. Based on my friends who all have three kids who are all of the same gender, I’m imagining ours probably will go the same way.”

Cash said he’d love to have a little guy around to help him not feel so outnumbered, but that another daughter would be beautiful as well.

Haven and Honor are excited to be big sisters. Both girls had a few years of mommy and daddy’s focused attention and are ready to share.

Something important to note: Cash admitted that he and Jessica are done having children after baby number three comes.

Cash confessed that even though he and Jessica have been through this twice before, it feels new all over again. They read up on their baby’s progress each week and look at pictures of his/her growth.

Cash claims the key to their success as a family is learning how to be “present.” He and Jessica have “no device weekends” where they make sure they’re not checking emails or spending time working.

“When we are with our kids, we’re really 100 percent with our kids. The work/life balance is really just about living in the moment,” said Cash.

Congrats you two! Can’t wait to meet the new babe!