Brandon Flynn’s “Looks That Kill” Trailer is Here

Brandon Flynn in "Looks That Kill"

Fans of 13 Reason Why can get more of Brandon Fylnn in his new movie Looks That Kill.

Brandon Flynn plays Max Richards, a teenage boy whose good looks are lethal to anyone who sees his face. Because of his condition, he must hide his face with bandages and he goes through life afraid for the fate of anyone who sees his looks. He’s also bullied by everyone around him who doesn’t believe his condition exists, including his therapist. Max finds solace and falls in love with a girl (The Affair‘s Julia Goldani Telles) who has her own condition and their relationship allows them to form a meaningful connection.

“His persona, his physical persona is wrapped up and lethal actually. So it’s a boy who’s really trying to find how to like let his soul and let his heart speak through his sort of disability, his sort of disadvantage in comparison to his peers and to his family members,” Fylnn told People.

Ki Hong Lee, Annie Mumolo, Lindsay Mushett, Priscilla Lopez, and Tom Proctor also star in the film.

Check out the trailer below.