Jimmy Kimmel and Molly McNearney last year. Photo by Jim Smeal/REX/Shutterstock (7552068av)

A beloved late-night host is breathing a sigh of relief for his newborn.

Jimmy Kimmel is spending time with his three month old son William John after his recent surgery to fix his congenital heart defect.

Kimmel tweeted, “Billy is three months old today and doing great. Thanks for all your love & support and please remind your Congresspeople that every kid deserves the care Billy got.” His son will have to get surgery in another six months, and he’ll need one final surgery when he’s in his teens.

This is his second child with his wife Molly; on July 10, 2014, they introduced their daughter Jane to the world.

William John was born with tetralogy of Fallot, or TOF. This defect is found during birth, and its symptoms include a shortness of breath or bluish skin. If it’s not treated within a child’s first year, it can lead to issues such as delayed growth and a higher level of heart problems later on in life.

If treated successfully, affected patients can go on to lead a relatively normal life. Notable individuals that were born with this condition include author Dennis McEldowney, cricketer Beau Casson, and snowboarder Shaun White, who appeared on Kimmel’s show to discuss having this condition.