A Broadway Musical Based on “Nashville” Officially in Development

Lennon Stella and Maisy Stella in "Nashville"

If you’ve been desperately missing Nashville since it went off the air last year, we’ve got some great news for you. The country music-themed series is being transformed into a Broadway musical with a brand-new score!

Ten-time Tony-nominated producer Scott Delman is in charge of this exciting project and he’s convinced it’s going to be a success story. Nashville has everything he’s looking for in a great theatrical source material, including complex, relatable characters and sweeping emotional story.

Nashville is the latest in ae long series of Lionsgate properties to be adapted into a Broadway musical, but Delman believes there’s something special that sets it apart from the previous concert-style stage productions.

“[Nashville will] deliver Broadway’s first score of true contemporary country music – a genre that has exploded with mainstream audiences in recent years. Lionsgate has a treasure-trove of sterling IP, and I’m honored to be a part of this new phase of their live entertainment division,” explained the producer.