“Ace Ventura”, “Major League”, and “Young Guns” Are Getting Reboots

If you like reboots, you'll be happy to hear that Ace Ventura, Major League and Young Guns are all getting a fresh start.

Jim Carrey in "Ace Ventura: Pet Detective" (1994). Photo by Warner Bros. Ent.

Ready for some nostalgia? It was announced that Morgan Creek Productions is changing its name to Morgan Creek Entertainment Group and planning to get the most out of their rich library of movies that includes Ace Ventura, Major League, Young Guns, The Exorcist and Dead Ringers among others. Why is this important? Well, because the company is planning to reboot its most recognizable titles through both movies and TV shows.

David Robinson, president of the company, said that they would like to get Jim Carry back and do a soft reboot of Ace Ventura. This means that although it would be a new movie, with a new central character, the spirit of the original would be kept. One of the concepts the company considers is a long-lost child of the famous pet detective possibly showing up at his doorstep and taking over. Robinson also didn’t exclude making a TV show.

With the Young Guns, the company wants a fresh start and is already having talks with an unnamed streaming service about reboot movie and a TV show. Dead Ringers series is also getting a reboot and Morgan Creek is already in talks with a showrunner. Major League is also one of the titles company has plans with, although further details have not been mentioned. Charlie Sheen recently mentioned that there were plans to film the third installment in the series with the same cast, but that seems unlikely now.

Morgan Creek already tested the similar approach by turning The Exorcist into a TV show. The show starring Alfonso Herrera received positive reviews from the critics, which was enough for The Exorcist to be renewed for Season 2.

“We figured it was the best, most recognizable title to go out with,” – said Robinson. “We loved the idea behind it and its prospects, domestically and internationally.”