After “Bandersnatch,” Will Black Mirror Do More Interactive Episodes?

Fionn Whitehead in "Black Mirror: Bandersnatch"

Black Mirror creator Charlie Brooker and executive producer Annabel Jones have discussed making another interactive episode.

Christmas is approaching which usually means two things in entertainment. First, we’ll be joining everyone else in watching the same Christmas films for the sixth year running even though we promised we wouldn’t get sucked in this year. And second, new episodes of Black Mirror.

Last year, instead of gifting us with a whole season, an interactive Black Mirror film landed on Netflix. Titled “Bandersnatch”, the film allowed viewers to make decisions for the protagonist. Although no Black Mirror has been confirmed for Christmas this year, Brooker and Jones have shared that there may be scope for more interactive episodes in the future.

Jones told Digital Spy: “I think [interactive episode] ‘Bandersnatch’ has proven it can exist as a single film. I like that idea, doing one. It’s interesting for us, and hopefully for viewers, to find other ways… other forms of storytelling in which to dramatize things, if they’re earned.”

Brooker added: “Black Mirror is a flavour and a tone. We have some, fairly wobbly, internal rules about what it is and isn’t right for a Black Mirror episode that we never really articulate out loud, but it does feel pretty flexible.

“So I don’t think there’s anything to stop us… we could do one-offs, we could do an ongoing story, we could do spin-offs.”

Unfortunately, we still have no idea when season six will air.