“American Horror Story: Murder House” owners bring forth trespassing lawsuit

Image via FX

What would it be like to live in a house which was used in a movie or television series? For Dr. Ernst R. von Schwartz and Pier Angela Oakenfold it has been a nightmare living in the “Murder House.” Back in 2015, the couple purchased the infamous ‘Murder House’ which was used in the first season of  FX’s anthology series American Horror Story.

Recently, the married couple spoke on CBS This Morning and they stated that a lawsuit has been brought against the previous owners and Real Estate agency of $3 million because both parties did not inform them that this mansion was featured in a television series, which has a very loyal and crazed fan base.

According to CBS News, the couple explain that on a daily basis there are hundreds of fans that try to trespass in order to get a closer look at the house. In order to give themselves some privacy, the couple even built a fence around the house, but this defense has done nothing to keep the fans from trespassing and taking pictures of the property.

According to Variety, the couple does not wish to sell the mansion, but are seeking punitive and compensatory damages. In an interview with CBS News, Schwartz argued that “We feel like they cheated us. We want to live here of course, but it’s very difficult especially since we don’t feel safe.”