Andy Samberg’s “Palm Springs” Breaks Sundance Sales Record

Andy Samberg and Cristin Milioti in "Palm Springs"

Sundance Film Festival is in the full swing, and it’s given us a bunch of promising movies we can’t wait to see in theaters. The romantic comedy Palm Springs is one of them, especially after it broke the festival’s sales record by 69 cents.

Palm Springs is your classic wedding rom-com which takes a weird turn after two unlikely individuals cross each other’s path. The movie stars Cristin Milioti and Andy Samberg, who produced the movie through The Lonely Island’s company Party Over Here.

Sundance festival sales record was previously held by The Birth of a Nation, and this sale was obviously somewhat of a prank since Palm Springs surpassed it by only 69 cents after being sold for $17,500,000.69 to Neon and Hulu.

After the sale became official, Samberg released a statement alongside his fellow producers, celebrating the record-breaking success of their latest project.

“We spent over 85 million dollars of our own money on this movie, WE ARE TAKING A BATH on this deal. We hope NEON and Hulu are happy but we definitely have a lot of explaining to do to our families,” reads the statement by the Party Over Here team.