Aquaman is Now the Highest-Grossing DC Movie of All Time

Jason Momoa and Amber Heard in
Jason Momoa and Amber Heard in "Aquaman." Photo by Warner Bros/DC/Kobal/REX/Shutterstock (10043882ar)

Aquaman has become the highest-grossing DC movie of all time.

The Aquaman origin movie stars Jason Mamoa as the titular character. The epic underwater adventure sees Aquaman on a mission to overthrow his brother as King of Atlanta in order to save and unite the two worlds he is torn between.

Despite Aquaman traditionally being the butt of superhero jokes, the latest addition to the DC Extended Universe has been a big hit at the box office. Last week (January 6), its ticket sales reached $887 million worldwide, making it the highest grossest DC movie of all time.

Of course, it has not yet pulled in the $1.085 billion that The Dark Knight Rises grossed back in 2012. Although Batman is a character in the DC comics, the movie was not part of the DC Extended Universe.

Despite the movie’s success at the box office, the movie was not nominated for its special effects when the Oscars were announced.

Director James Wan was “disgraced” by the lack of mention and said: “Kelvin [McIlwain, visual effects supervisor], you and your department are the unsung heroes of this film. The fact that your VFX peers in the Academy aren’t recognizing or appreciating what we/you’ve all contributed to the film and cinema is a f**king disgrace”.

If you haven’t already, there is still time to watch Aquaman in cinemas now.