Aylesbury might be changed to “Aylesbowie”

David Bowie in 1983. Photo by Nils Jorgensen/REX/Shutterstock (99151e)

A recent petition has been created to change the name of Aylesbury to “Aylesbowie” in honor of the rock legend “David Bowie”.

Aylsebury is a town in Central England and Bowie is rumored to have first performed as his alter ego “Ziggy Stardust” at gigs there. A total of 57 changes have been made to the name of the town of Aylesbury since records began. Another change in recognition of Bowie’s connection with the town seems justifiable.

A member of Buckinghamshire County Council reportedly said: “It’s an interesting idea and perhaps on 25 March we could all think “Aylesbowie” – just for one day!”

The petition follows the successful crowdfund appeal by David Stopps to build a statue of David Bowie in Aylsebury. It features Bowie dressed as Ziggy Stardust alongside several of his proceeding personals. The statue will be unveiled on the 25th March in the town’s Market Square.

It has been over two years since Bowie died and his influence on the music industry today is immeasurable. It’s amazing to think that the iconic rock legend started out as a local ‘weirdo’ doing gigs in a small town in Aylesbury. May his memory and music live on.