Benedict Cumberbatch Does Not Agree with Martin Freeman’s “Sherlock” Remarks

Martin Freeman and Benedict Cumberbatch in "Sherlock"

Last month, Black Panther actor, Martin Freeman, told The Telegraph that filming BBC’s Sherlock had become a laborious experience for him due to fans and their expectations.

The Emmy award-winning series has completed 3 seasons since premiering in 2010, with no word on whether a 4th will come to fruition.

Martin, who stars as the beloved Dr. Watson, told the publication, “Being in that show, it is a mini-Beatles thing. People’s expectations, some of it’s not fun anymore. It’s not a thing to be enjoyed, it’s a thing of: ‘You better f–ing do this, otherwise, you’re a c–.’ That’s not fun anymore.”

When The Telegraph asked Sherlock himself for comment on the remarks and Benedict Cumberbatch was not impressed.

“It’s pretty pathetic if that’s all it takes to let you not want to take a grip of your reality,” he said. “What, because of expectations? I don’t know. I don’t necessarily agree with that… There’s a level of obsession where [the franchise] becomes [the fans’] even though we’re the ones making it. But I just don’t feel affected by that in the same way, I have to say.”

Elementary, my dear Watson.