Billie Eilish Releases Another Self-Directed Video

Billie Eilish at the 63rd Annual Grammy Awards in March
Billie Eilish at the 63rd Annual Grammy Awards in March. Photo by Jay L Clendenin/Los Angeles Times/Shutterstock (11799890ak)

Billie Eilish has shared her latest video “NDA”.

The latest track is from her forthcoming album Happier Than Ever, which will be released on July 30.

“NDA” is self-directed and it shows Eilish going down a dark road in the night as 25 stunt drivers in speeding cars move past her as the chorus starts. In true Eilish form, the video is eerie and creepy and there’s a heavy sub bass that becomes more intense in the chorus. There are even shadowy figures following behind her and when she looks back, they’re gone. “You couldn’t save me, but you can’t let me go,” Eilish sings on the chorus.

This is the fifth song shared from Happier Than Ever. It follows “‘Your Power”, “Lost Cause”, “My Future”, and “Therefore I Am”. According to a press release, the video was shot in one take and no stunt doubles or VFX for the cars were used.

“It’s definitely one of the coolest videos I’ve ever made in my entire life,” she said. “It was pretty crazy. It’s real,” Eilish said of “NDA” on New Music Daily on Apple Music.

Watch the video below.