Caitlyn Jenner Is Seriously Considering Running For Senate

Donald Trump might have started a movement as celebrities with no previous political experience are all of a sudden swarming into politics.

Amidst rumors of Kid Rock running for a seat in the Senate, Caitlyn Jenner also recently threw her hat into the ring for a potential candidacy.

Time For Change 

While being interviewed on a radio show recently, Jenner made some comments that lead many to believe she would definitely be running for Senate.


“I have considered it,” said Jenner when asked if she would get into politics. “I like the political side of it.”

Jenner conceded that there were many factors that would go into her decision, mainly whether she could cause more change from inside or outside the political system.

If she were to get involved, she confirmed that she “would look for a senatorial run.”

She Wants To Raise Awareness For The LGBT Community

One of Jenner’s main priorities would be to fight for LGBT issues that she feels are currently under-represented in the political stratosphere.

“I work very closely with the American Unity Fund,” explained Jenner. “And their sole purpose, their mission statement is to get the Republican party to do a better job with all LGBT issues.”


Although not currently holding a political position, Jenner has already made many efforts to connect with the Trump administration, United Nations, and Republican party with regards to LGBT rights.

 Not The First And Likely Not The Last

Many celebrities have recently flirted with the idea of using their fame to launch themselves into a political career. Some of the headliners have included Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, Kid Rock, and Mark Cuban, and while some celebrities don’t follow through on their political intentions, others, like Arnold Schwarzenegger, Sonny Bono, Jerry Springer, and Ronald Reagan have.


We’ll have to wait and see if Caitlyn Jenner officially announces her running for a Senate seat representing California, but if she does, it’ll be a tough fight with seasoned politicians like the incumbent Diane Feinstein.

If recent history has shown us anything, it’s that star power can sway a lot of votes!