Cameron Diaz Says Retirement Brought Peace to Her Soul

Cameron Diaz. Photo by Marc Patrick/BFA/REX/Shutterstock (8862548cb)

Earlier this year, the retired actress Cameron Diaz has said that her returning to the big screen is never off the table, but it seems fans should not hold their breath for that happening. Diaz talked to actress Gwyneth Paltrow on her health podcast and said that since retiring she had found peace in her soul.

“I got peace in my soul, because I finally was taking care of myself,” she told Paltrow. “It’s a strange thing to say, I know a lot of people won’t understand it, I know you understand it, but it’s so intense to work at that level and be that public and put yourself out there. There’s a lot of energy coming at you at all times when you’re really visible as an actor and doing press and putting yourself out there.”

She continued: “I stopped and really looked at my life. When you’re making a movie, they own you. You’re there for 12 hours a day for months on end, you have no time for anything else.I really needed to know that I could take care of myself, that I knew how to be an adult.”

Diaz’s last role was in a remake of Annie in 2014. She confirmed her retirement from acting in 2018.