“Cats” to be Replaced by a New Version in Theaters

Taylor Swift in "Cats"

It has taken 38 years for Cats to transition from stage to screen, and it is possible that even that timeframe was not long enough to perfect the famed musical…

Tom Hooper’s adaptation of the Andrew Lloyd Webber production has received less than favorable reviews from critics and has so far scored a rather embarrassing 19% rating on Rotten Tomatoes.

The film officially opened in theatres across the United States and the United Kingdom this weekend, but Universal Pictures has announced that it will be releasing a new, updated version. 

So, what will be different? Well, the visual effects are expected to be a lot better. 

Hooper admitted in March that, despite the film’s budget being close to $100 million, the visual effects in the trailer were not quite up to scratch. It was expected that all would be sorted by the time the film was officially released, but apparently not. The move, which is reportedly being done at Hooper’s request, is unheard of for a film that is already on the circuit. 

Theatres have been asked to replace the film with the shiny, new version of Cats as soon as possible. 

We guess cats do have multiple lives, after all…