CupcakKe Has Quit Music For Good

Cupcakke performs at the LA Pride 2019. Photo by Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images

CupcakKe has announced that she will be quitting music and that all her music will be removed from streaming platforms.

Over the weekend, the rapper caught everybody’s attention when she fired shots at Camillo Cabello and Shawn Mendes. Now, CupcakKe has confessed that she wrote these tweets to get attention for her big announcement. That announcement is that she is quitting music.

The rapper shared the news via a live Instagram video. In the video she is weepy and wrapped up in a duvet, depicting how most of us feel on a Sunday night after a busy weekend and work the next day.

She claims that she fears her music is “corrupting” her young fans and that she is not comfortable with seeing pre-teens dancing to her music. To prevent this “corruption”, CupcakKe has decided to remove all of her music from all streaming platforms. She is also cutting her North American tour early.

“I have people of all ages – 10, 11 years old – coming to my shows and I feel as though I’m corrupting them with my songs,” she said. “And I don’t wanna do it no more so the tour is off.”

Since creating the live stream, CupcakKe has deleted her social media accounts.