Ed Sheeran Hints New Album is Coming “Later This Year”

Ed Sheeran. Photo by BabiradPicture/REX/Shutterstock (9297542h)

Ed Sheeran has been on a break from music recently, but it appears that will change in 2021. In a recent Instagram post, the star singer/songwriter teased that his new album is coming “later this year.”

Sheeran went on social media on Thursday to mark his 30th birthday. He posted a photo of himself from a younger age and thanked everyone for their “wonderful messages.”

“I’ll be back online with the 4th installment in the series later this year, until then xx,” he added in the caption.

The “series” Sheeran probably refers to in his post are his previous three solo albums: 2011’s debut + (plus), 2014’s follow-up × (multiply), and most recent ÷ (divide), which came out in 2017. Continuing with the theme of mathematical symbol, the next record should be called (minus). If not, we are going to be really disappointed.

While there have been four years since his most recent solo effort, it is hard to say that Ed Sheeran wasn’t busy. He released the EP No.6 Collaborations Project in 2019, which featured Sheeran joined by a number of his friends and fellow musicians. The star-studded guest list included Justin Skrillex, Bruno Mars, Stormzy, Cardi B, and many others.

Despite mixed reviews, the EP made it to No. 1 on charts in more than 20 countries, including the United States and the UK.