Ed Sheeran Sets One-Week Residency on “The Late Late Show”

Ed Sheeran in concert in Milwaukee in 2018.
Ed Sheeran in concert in Milwaukee in 2018. Photo by RMV/Shutterstock (9946526o)

Ed Sheeran is gearing up for the release of his next album, and he’s doing a great job putting its lead single “Bad Habits” on the map. He’s soon set to promote it with a one-week residency on James Corden’s The Late Late Show.

The talk show host announced “a full week of Ed” during one of his recent shows, explaining that the British singer is going to be on the show every night next week, taking part in sketches and performing his new music.

“We’re going to do comedy, we’re going to chat, he’s going to play … Ed Sheeran’s going to be our musical guest every night of the week, plus, right here on The Late Late Show he’s going to do the television debut of his brilliant new single ‘Bad Habits,’” said Corden.

“Bad Habits” is hitting the shelves this Friday, just a few days before Sheeran’s week-long run on The Late Late Show. It will serve as the lead single on his upcoming studio album, and he’s expected to perform it at TikTok’s UEFA Euro 2020 show on June 25th, where he’s set to appear with David Beckham.