“Euphoria” Second Special Episode, Starring Hunter Schafer Gets Trailer

Zendaya and Hunter Schafer in "Euphoria"

HBO has released a trailer for the second Euphoria special episode,  “F**k Anyone Who’s Not A Sea Blob,” which centers around Hunter Schafer’s Jules.

The special episode was set to debut on January 24, but it will be released early on January 22 on HBO Max and January 24 on HBO.

The episode follows Jules during her Christmas holiday after the events that unfolded in Season 1. In the season finale, Jules left town alone on a train after her plan to run away with Rue (Zendaya) fell through. In the special episode, which was co-written by Schafer and creator/director Sam Levinson, Jules will deal with the outcome of her decision.

The trailer shows Jules looking at her relationship with Rue from a distance after some time has passed. When asked why she ran away, the trailer cuts to shots of Jules and Rue and moments from Jules’ childhood with her family.

“Rue is the first girl who didn’t just look at me. She actually saw me — the me that’s underneath the million layers that’s not me,” Jules says in the trailer.

Check out the trailer below.