Extended Version of “Spider-Man: No Way Home” Coming to Theatres in September

Tom Holland and Benedict Cumberbatch in
Tom Holland and Benedict Cumberbatch in "Spider-Man: No Way Home"

If your only complaint about Spider-Man: No Way Home is that you wish it was longer, we’ve got some good news for you! The smash-hit Marvel movie is coming back to theatres this fall, and it will feature added and extended scenes that we’ve never seen before.

The re-release of the hit movie will celebrate 60 years of Spider-Man comic book and 20 years of Spider-Man on film. It will hit the theatres under the name Spider-Man: No Way Home – The More Fun Stuff Version on Labor Day weekend, starting on September 2.

The extended version will be shown in the US and Canada, but more countries are expected to be added soon. The official run-time of this project remains a mystery, but the original movie was 148 minutes long.

Spider-Man: No Way Home introduced the concept of the multiverse in the MCU, and brought back many heroes and villains from the previous movies, including former Spider-Man actors Andrew Garfield, and Tobey Maguire.

Spider-Man: No Way Home made quite a splash when it hit the theatres in December last year, and it went on to earn $1.9 billion worldwide. It’s already the sixth-highest grossing film worldwide and the third-highest-grossing film domestically, but it could soar even higher following the release of the extended version.