Gerard Butler Shares Details about “Den of Thieves 2”

Gerard Butler, Maurice Compte, and Mo McRae in
Gerard Butler, Maurice Compte, and Mo McRae in "Den of Thieves"

While there haven’t been many updates lately about the sequel to 2018’s heist movie Den of Thieves, it appears that the project is still alive and well. This was confirmed by star Gerard Butler, who revealed in a recent interview with UniLad that he is set to start filming Den of Thieves 2 in early 2022.

Butler said that he doesn’t know the exact release date but did share some details about the movie’s plot. According to him, the story of the sequel will take place in Europe and has his character Detective “Big Nick” O’Brien still chasing robber Donnie Wilson (O’Shea Jackson Jr.).

“I go over to hunt him down, but with different intentions than you might imagine. So we’re gonna be in Marseilles, the Alps, and London—it’s definitely a more glamorous journey than the last one, and probably a more fun, sexy journey,” he added.

Directed by Christian Gudegast, Den of Thieves centers on a police squad that is attempting to stop a group of thieves from robbing the Federal Reserve in Los Angeles. The movie received mixed reviews from critics but ended up being a box-office success and earning $80.5 million compared to a $30 million budget. Besides Butler and Jackson, the movie also starred rapper 50 Cent, Max Holloway, Evan Jones, Mo McRae, Dawn Olivieri, and Pablo Schreiber.

The sequel was picked up shortly after the release of the original movie and will see Gudegast returning as a writer and director. Butler and Jackson are the only returning members of the cast confirmed so far.