“Gotham P.D.” Will be a Prequel to “The Batman”

Jeffrey Wright as Commissioner Gordon in "The Batman"

The Batman director Matt Reeves discussed the upcoming film at the DC FanDome event and shared some exciting news about another project. The director elaborated about the upcoming Gotham P.D. live action series, due to be released on HBO Max. The show is overseen by him alongside Terrence Winter, the writer behind Martin Scorsese’s The Wolf of Wall Street and the creator of HBO’s Boardwalk Empire.

According to Reeves, the new series will serve as a prequel to the movie. It will deal more closely than ever before with the history of corruption in the Gotham police department.

For me, the idea of this story was a story in which Gotham, which has this depth of corruption, and then the idea that we could actually do a series that is going deeper into an aspect of it, which in this case is the corrupt police department and the corrupt inner workings of the city,he said.

“The idea is we go back to year one and year one is the beginning,” Reeves continued. “It’s the first appearance of this masked vigilante that unsettles the city.”

Reeves then detailed how the appearance of Batman and the way that it affects the police force will greatly shape the series.

The release date of the show is yet to be announced, however, it is safe to assume it will drop relatively close to the movie’s release date next fall, in October 2021.