HBO Max’s “DMZ” Casts Rosario Dawson and Benjamin Bratt

Rosario Dawson. Photo by Chelsea Lauren/WWD/Shutterstock (9916662ck)

The DC/Vertigo comics DMZ is currently being adapted to a limited series that will air on HBO Max. Now, the project has found its two lead actors. The series is created by Ava DuVernay and Roberto Patino and has now cast Rosario Dawson and Benjamin Bratt.

The series’ plot is taking place in a not so far future, in which the United States of America was torn apart by a second civil war and Manhattan became a DMZ—a demilitarized zone. 

Dawson will portray Alma Ortega who tries to find her son after separating from him when the city was evacuated. In her journey, she has to deal with numerous gangs and warlords fighting to control the DMZ. Bratt will portray one of the gang leaders who strive for world domination. Other actors tied to the projects are Hoon Lee, Freddy Miyares, and Jordan Preston Carter.

Patino said that DMZ is an explosive playground in which the power of community and the human spirit are celebrated. He expressed his admiration of the cast and his partner DuVernay, who he referred to as “inimitable and ever-inspiring”.

It should be noted that the original comics creator Brian Wood, who wrote the comics and illustrated it with Riccardo Burchielli, is not involved in the project. The announcement also did not mention the Journalist Matty Roth, one of the main protagonists in the comics.