“Home Alone” Reboot is Coming to Disney+

Macaulay Culkin in "Home Alone." Photo by Moviestore/Shutterstock (1578193a)

Another classic is getting the reboot treatment. 

Disney+ is brining back Home Alone as well as other assets from its recent acquisition of the Fox library. This will include reboots of four franchise also including Night At the Museum, Diary of a Wimpy Kid and Cheaper By the Dozen.

The announcement was made by Disney CEO Bob Iger Tuesday, who said that the new streaming service will be a reimagining of several kid-friendly titles for “a new generation” of youngsters. 

According to Iger, the decision to bring back these titles are part of the network’s “focused on leveraging Fox’s vast library of great titles to further enrich the content” on Disney+. 

According to Deadline, in its first year of operation, Disney+ will house more than 7,500 episodes of TV and 400 movies. The service is slated to launch November 12.