Lana Del Rey is Larger Than Life in “Doin’ Time” Music Video

Lana Del Rey in concert in London, UK, in 2017. Photo by Shutterstock (8972266o)

Lana Del Rey is getting some of the best reviews of her career for her latest studio album Norman F—ing Rockwell, so it’s only fitting to promote it with an epic music video that’s larger than life.

The retro visual for Del Rey’s cover of Sublime’s classic song “Doin’ Time” sees the singer channeling her inner Godzilla and taking a walk through the streets of Los Angeles. Super-sized version of the famous hit-maker is obvious nod to the ‘50s movie Attack of the 50 Foot Woman – and it’s just the kind of obscure reference we’d expect her to make.

Lana Del Rey dropped this video just a day before her new studio album hit the shelves on August 30th, and she’s already working on its follow-up.

“I’ve already written parts of it. It’s called White Hot Forever. I feel like it probably will be a surprise release sometime within the next 12 or 13 months. I’m really excited right now. I don’t want to take a break,” the singer said while chatting with The Times.