Lana Del Rey Writes Poetry and Might Even Publish it

Lana Del Rey. Photo by Picturematt/REX/Shutterstock

Lana Del Rey is thinking about publishing a book of her own poetry.

Speaking to Zoe Lowe, she said that her upcoming album is not her only creative project. The singer-songwriter also writes poetry and is contemplating the idea of sharing some of it with the rest of us.

“I didn’t think I would [publish them] until three weeks ago,” she said of her poems.

“I have like 13 kind of long poems that I started binding and I thought, ‘Wow, the pages are kind of stacking up here.’ I mean, it’s easy too with haikus because it’s only three lines so you could have like 30 pages of haikus that’s only like 200 words or something. But I thought they’re kind of like stacking up to look like a real book. So I mean what I’d like to do is sort of self publish but I’m not very good at the distribution side of things.”

The poetry collection sounds like it could become a reality. She admitted that she already has a title for the hypothetical book:

“Right now, it’s tentatively called Violet Bent Backwards Over the Grass,” she said. “That’s just from a line in one of my favorite poems that I wrote….Yeah, ‘Seven years old with dandelions grasped tightly in her hand.’”

Lana del Rey announced her new album today (September 18) which is titled Norman F***ing Rockwell.