Los Tigres del Norte Perform at Folsom Prison

Los Tigres del Norte. Photo by Gustavo Caballero/South Beach Photo/Shutterstock (9808532d)

 Los Tigres del Norte perform at Folsom Prison in honor of Johnny Cash’s history-making performance. 

The Mexican norteño group performance in homage to Johnny Cash’s Folsom Prison Blues can be seen and heard in the forthcoming documentary feature Los Tigres del Norte at Folsom Prison as well as in an album of the same name out next month. 

This is the first-ever time Cash’s hit was sung in Spanish — a collaboration between Los Tigres del Norte and Cash’s son John Carter Cash and his daughter in law, Ana Cristina Cash.

“Johnny Cash — his music and his humanity — is the inspiration for our new documentary and album,” wrote Los Tigres in a press release. “Like us, he sings about the lost, the forgotten, and the powerless. Like us, he traveled to Folsom Prison to bring hope with his music.  Like us, he wanted to shine a light on issues of incarceration, which is especially important to our community now.”

The couple added in a joint statement of their own: “For Ana Cristina, a multi-lingual songwriter who learned Spanish as her first language, collaborating with this legendary band on the translation of Folsom Prison Blues was a particular honor.  We’re both thrilled that the translation will reach new listeners and merge the two worlds of country and Latin music while preserving the integrity and message of the original song. For us, and for Johnny Cash, music has no boundaries.”

The Netflix Original Documentary and the album are due out in September.