Macaulay Culkin Shows Us What a Home Alone Reboot Will Look Like in Reality

Macaulay Culkin performs with The Pizza Underground. Photo by MediaPunch/REX/Shutterstock (3957008j)

Disney announced this week that it has purchased the rights to the Home Alone franchise from 20th Century Fox and that a reboot of the series is due to go up in the Disney+ channel. since then, the fans are wondering what will such a reboot look like.

A possible answer is delivered by non-other than the original Kevin McCallister. Macaulay Culkin, then a child star, now a 38-year-old man, has shared a photo of how he imagines the reboot on Twitter. In the photo, Culkin is shown sitting on a sofa in boxers, a laptop is perched on his knees, his belly sticking out, a pasta dish in his hand and a somewhat morose expression on his face. It’s a direct shout out to a famous scene in the movie when Kevin stuffed himself with junk food.

“This is what an updated Home Alone would actually look like,” Culkin wrote mockingly in the post. In the next tweet, he wrote: “Hey Disney, call me!”

The first two films in the franchise were a huge success and became Christmas classics. The third movie and the subsequent direct to TV movies accepted with less enthusiasm.