Marc Jacobs is in Trouble Over One of His Designs

Marc Jacobs. Photo by The Oxford Union/REX/Shutterstock (9133054m)

A very unlikely pair are embroiled in a legal battle.

Fashion designer Marc Jacobs recently re-released his 1993 collection entitled Redux Grunge which features a T-shirt with the word “Heaven” written above a familiar yellow smiley face.

The smiley face you may associate with rock band Nirvana.

Frontman Kurt Cobain designed the symbol in 1991 fas part of the invitation for the release party of their Nevermind album.

The image was copyrighted and has since been used on various merchandise and articles of clothing emblazoned under the word “Nirvana”.

Jacob’s design differs somewhat in that the two eyes are characterised as an “M” and a “J”.

Nirvana is now suing the designer for copyright infringement and allegedly misleading the public by making it appear as though the band is associated with the brand.

The legal entity formed in September 1997 by Dave Grohl, Krist Novoselic, and the Cobain Estate which is controlled by his widow Courtney Love, further claims that Marc Jacobs did not pay or receive authorization to use Nirvana’s intellectual property.

Smells like mean spirit…