Michael B. Jordan is Plotting Expended “Creed” Universe Alongside Amazon

Michael B. Jordan and John Martineau in
Michael B. Jordan and John Martineau in "Creed II"

Creed III is currently ruling the box office, after scoring a $100 million-plus global opening, and there’s more on the way. The film’s star and director Michael B. Jordan is reportedly meeting up with Amazon to discuss the plans for the expanded Creed universe.

Deadline exclusively reported that Jordan is working closely with Amazon to develop various Creed-related projects, potentially spanning both film and TV. These projects are still in exploratory stages, but Amazon is reportedly getting more serious about them in the wake of Creed III’s big debut.

MGM is already plotting a new Creed spinoff Drago, written by Robert Lawton, but there’s a lot of chatter about a few more projects. According to Deadline, Amazon is also eying an anime and live-action series connected to the Rocky spinoff, and a potential project centering on Adonis Creed’s daughter Amara, played by Mila Davis-Kent in Creed III.

The original Creed itself is a spin-off of the Rocky film series, and it shifts focus to the son of Apollo Creed, Rocky Balboa’s former rival turned friend. The first Ryan Coogler-directed film was such a huge hit that it spawned an entire franchise, including the latest third installment, which serves as Michael B. Jordan’s directorial debut.