Molly Ringwald looks back on John Hughes Movies with discomfort

Molly Ringwald and Emilio Estevez in "The Breakfast Club"

Ringwald starred in John Hughe’s iconic ’80s movies Pretty in Pink and Sixteen Candles. She is probably best known for her role in critically acclaimed cult classic The Breakfast Club where she plays popular posh girl, Claire.

The ’80s icon has admitted that she now finds some of the scenes from the fan favorite film difficult to watch. She wrote that after her 10-year-old daughter asked to watch the movie, she anticipated that some scenes might be troubling for a child. She then added: “But I hadn’t anticipated that it would ultimately be most troubling to me.”

A scene that caused particular discomfort is the part where Bender hides under the table from the teacher and peeks under Claire’s skirt. When Claire gasps in shock, it is implied that he has touched her inappropriately.

Molly Ringwald claimed this scene stood out “after a number of women came forward with sexual assault accusations against the producer Harvey Weinstein, and the #MeToo movement gathered steam”.

 She also discussed some of the other scenes in John Hughes movies which might be considered inappropriate today and admitted to feeling uncertain about how she feels about the art she both loves and opposes. She argued: “John’s movies convey the anger and fear of isolation that adolescents feel, and seeing that others might feel the same way is a balm for the trauma that teenagers experience… Whether that’s enough to make up for the impropriety of the films is hard to say.”


In the end, she concluded that it is up to today’s generation to decide whether Hughe’s movies are still relevant.