“Mulan” Becomes First Disney Live-Action Remake to Get a PG-13 Rating

Liu Yifei. Photo by Matteo Prandoni/BFA/REX/Shutterstock (5572542dy)

Disney has made a series of live-action movies based on their classic animated movies, and they are not about to stop. Up until now, each and every one of these remakes got a G and PG rating. But this is about to change with the upcoming Mulan.

The remake of the classic 90s hit will premier in theaters on March 25th, and it has gotten a PG-13 rating. As opposed to former movies like Aladdin or The Lion King, Mulan treats the source-material much more seriously. The new movie, which stars Liu Yifei, omits the musical numbers and the character of the dragon Mushu (voiced by Eddie Murphy in the original movie) so it’s much more realistic than the original.

The higher rating is not expected to hurt Disney at the box office. Other movies that got this rating did not deter parents from taking their children to the theater. For example, the last two movies in the Harry Potter franchise and Parents of the Caribbean are all rated PG-13 and no one can say that they were affected by it. One thing that can hurt it though is the Coronavirus, which threatens the revenues in China.