Neil Gaiman Signs Production Deal With Amazon Studios

Neil Gaiman. Photo by Nils Jorgensen/REX/Shutterstock (8867414cv)

Screen writer Neil Gaiman will be producing TV projects for Amazon.

Gaiman oversaw and developed the upcoming Terry Pratchett series, Good Omens with Amazon and the BBC. He is also the author of best selling novels Coraline, Stardust, and American Gods.

The streaming giants obviously formed a successful working relationship with the talented writer when working with him on Good Omens. It has just been confirmed that Gaiman has signed an exclusive deal to produce TV projects for Amazon Studios.

“What decided me was how much I enjoyed working with the Amazon team on Good Omens,” Gaiman said of the deal. “They are smart, gloriously enthusiastic people, who weren’t afraid of Good Omens being different but who were as determined as I was to make something as unique and exciting as it is.

He added: “I’m thrilled to know that I’ll have a home at Amazon in the future where I can make television that nobody’s seen before, that’s quite unlike Good Omens, but just as unusual and just as much fun.”

Jennifer Sakle, head of Amazon Studios, reciprocated Gaiman’s high praise, expressing their excitement about the deal:

“Neil Gaiman is a phenomenally talented writer, who creates worlds that are compelling, multi-dimensional and narratively unique. His fans are ardent, vocal and passionate and we are fortunate to bring his gifted vision to the Prime Video audience.”