Netflix Reveals a Theatrical Extended Logo Sound Scored By Hans Zimmer

    Hans Zimmer at the Hollywood Film Awards in 2018. Photo by Matt Baron/Shutterstock (9960486eu)

    Hans Zimmer is the man behind some of cinema’s greatest scores. He will be in one of the top spots in any list of film composers. His huge body of work ranges from Interstellar to Gladiator, from Inception to Rain man and many more. Now, he is adding a much shorter work to the list. 

    As Netflix releases more and more of its original productions to the big screen, the famous “ta dum” sound that accompanies the streamer’s logo in the beginning of each movie or show is simply not long enough. So the company hired Zimmer to work his magic and create an extended version of it. The result is a 16 second long, much more dramatic intro.

    Netflix has a somewhat shaky relationship with theater chains. It sometimes releases its movies to the theaters before putting it on the streaming service to ensure they will be eligible for an Oscar nomination. This strategy has paid off with movies like Roma and American Factory getting recognition. The coronavirus pandemic, however, has shifted the balance a bit. Several movies have been released straight to home watching and the academy has decided to allow streaming-only movies to be eligible for an Oscar.