Our Favorite Lazy Cat Returns in First Trailer for “The Garfield Movie”

Chris Pratt in “The Garfield Movie”
Chris Pratt in “The Garfield Movie”

It’s been a while since we’ve seen Garfield on the big screen, but our favorite grumpy cat is gearing up for his big comeback. The first trailer for The Garfield Movie is here and it sees the iconic orange tabby cat embarking on an adventure of a lifetime.

According to the film’s official synopsis, Garfield: The Movie will center on the world-famous, Monday-hating, lasagna-loving indoor cat, who’s about to have a wild outdoor adventure after an unexpected reunion with his long-lost father: scruffy street cat Vic.

In addition to Chris Pratt as Garfield, the voice cast of this project will also include Samuel L. Jackson as his father Vic, Harvey Guillén as the dim-witted puppy Odie, along with Hannah Waddingham, Ving Rhames, Nicholas Hoult, Cecily Strong, Brett Goldstein, and Bowen Yang.

The Garfield Movie will be directed by Mark Dindal and it will reunite him with David Reynolds, following their collaborations on The Emperor’s New Groove and Chicken Little. Reynolds co-wrote the script alongside Paul A. Kaplan and Mark Torgove.

The Garfield Movie was in development for years, but it finally started taking shape in 2021, when Chris Pratt was cast in the titular role. It will be released by Sony Pictures on May 24, 2024.