Pixar’s “Soul” Will be Preceded by the SparkShort “Burrow”

Screenshot from "Soul | Official Teaser Trailer" via Pixar/YouTube

Pixar’s next feature movie Soul is set to be released to theaters on November 20th (after the studio delayed the June 19th release). Now, the studio announced that the SparkShort titled Burrow will precede the movie.

The company announced the short movie title in a tweet: “Home is where the hare is. See the new Pixar SparkShort BURROW, directed by Madeline Sharafian, in theaters before Soul on November 20. #InternationalRabbitDay.”

Attached to the tweet was the SparkShort’s poster showing a distressed and frightened rabbit standing in its burrow beneath several other burrows with different animals living their everyday lives.

Sharafian is no stranger to working with animated animals. She wrote and directed the short animated Omelette and was the art designer of Coco. She also worked on the Cartoon Network’s We Bare Bears.

As the hashtag suggests the studio dropped the announcement on September 26th—the international rabbit day. The movie has a runtime of just over 6-minutes.

The short movie joins other shorts that preceded each Pixar movie. It is part of a program that the studio initiated, in which employees get six months and a limited budget to develop short movies—this way the studio identifies new talents. Earlier SparkShorts, such as Smash and Grab, Kitbull, Float, Wind, Loop, and Out, are streaming on Disney+.