Ramy Youssef has a New Overall Deal with A24

Ramy Youssef. Photo by Andrew H. Walker/Shutterstock (10489909hi)

You’re going to be seeing a lot more of Ramy Youssef in the future. 

The comedian burst onto the scene earlier this year when his semi-autobiographical series debuted on Hulu. Ramy hilariously depicts life as a second-generation man in his late 20s living in a strict Muslim household in New York. The show proved so popular with audiences and beloved by critics that its second season is expected in 2020.

That success has now paid off for the series creator who has just signed an overall deal with A24 who produces the show. Under the agreement, Youssef will develop new series for the independent studio, in addition to the two that are already underway, one of which is for Apple and will star Ramy actor (and Youssef’s friend) Stephen Way. The other is a mysterious project for Netflix. 

“What’s been awesome is the relationship I’ve been able to build with A24 because we’ve made this show [Ramy] together and they know how I feel about the things I’d like to do in the TV space that goes beyond my show,” Youssef told The Hollywood Reporter. “For the next couple of years, we have a continued partnership. I have an overall with them where we’ll be making more things.”