Selena Gomez Drops Spanish-Language Track “De Una Vez”

Selena Gomez. Photo by Variety/Shutterstock (10477689s)

Selena Gomez gave us several collaborations that pay homage to her Latin roots over the years, but there’s something that makes her latest single different. “De Una Vez” is her very first solo Spanish-language single, and its music video does an extraordinary job celebrating the singer’s heritage.

The whimsical visual shows Gomez moving from one room in a mystical house to the next, with the Sacred Heart around her neck. This object is meant to symbolize her resilience, while the video depicts her creative and personal evolution.

Like the song itself, the video pays homage to the Latin culture and embraces the concept of magical realism. It was directed by Tania Verduzco and Adrián Pérez, who used every aspect of the video to make a reference to Mexican culture while tapping into the themes that Gomez explored with the lyrics.

“We thought that the song had a sincere and personal message, more of the woman than the artist. We had to bring that to light [because] it’s a song about a mature woman healing a wound, leaving the past behind, and entering into a new chapter,” Verduzco told Vogue.