Selena Gomez Recorded Her Next Album Almost Entirely Over Zoom

Selena Gomez. Photo by Variety/Shutterstock (10477689s)

Selena Gomez’s Spanish-language EP Revelación is only a month away, and the more we learn about it, the more excited we are. The former Disney star talked about the album production in the latest Vevo Footnotes episode, revealing it was mostly recorded over Zoom.

Like many fellow artists, Gomez had to approach her creative process a little bit differently in the face of the global pandemic. The singer confirmed that she recorded almost the entire EP on Zoom, and credited Elena Rose as one of her biggest collaborators on this record.

She also revealed that this creative journey started with the lead single “De Una Vez”—her very first Spanish-language single, which came out on January 14th.

“‘De Una Vez’ was one of the first songs I worked on pretty early on. At the time, doing a Spanish project was just an idea being bounced around. Then the rest of the project just kind of happened really quickly and organically,” said Gomez.

Revelación will hit the shelves on March 12th, and the singer recently teased its release with the new song “Baila Conmigo”, featuring Rauw Alejandro.