Sleater Kinney Announce Their New Drummer

Sleater-Kinney in concert in 2016. Photo by Rmv/Shutterstock (5900699bs)

Sleater Kinney has revealed who their new drummer will be.

Prior to the release of the post-punk band’s new album, The Center Won’t Hold, long-time drummer Janet Weiss announced that she would be leaving the band. Following 24 years of music, she decided that leaving was the right decision for her.

This week, Sleater Kinney played their first show since Weiss’ departure. During the show, which took place at Hopscotch Festival in North Carolina, the band revealed who would be filling the shoes of Weiss.

The name of the new drummer is Angie Boylan and she has previously drummed for the likes of Little Lungs and Aye Nako. There has been no confirmation that Boylan will be a permanent replacement but it has been assumed that she will act as a drummer for the remainder of the band’s 2019 tour.

You can stream The Center Won’t Hold on Spotify now.