Sofia Carson & Charles Melton Join “Purple Hearts”

Sofia Carson at the "Midway" film premiere in 2019. Photo by David Buchan/Shutterstock (10466470bm)

The YA romance taps actors Sofia Carson and Charles Melton. 

Carson and Melton have joined Purple Hearts, adapted from Tess Wakefield’s novel by Kyle Jarrow and Liz Garcia.

The story of two star-crossed lovers—aspiring singer-songwriter Cassie and military man Luke, will be directed by Elizabeth Allen Rosenbaum. The two, fall hopelessly in love, despite their differences. 

“Purple Hearts provides hope that two people with such differing world views, stuck in the same place, forced to fight the same fight, might be able to learn a little about each other’s beliefs, get over their own bullshit, start to understand each other and just maybe fall in love. It’s a very timely, emotional story — truly a romance for the ages,” said Rosenbaum. 

Producer Elysa Dutton added, “Purple Hearts is a celebration of music, humanity and heart. This is a timely love story about two people who come together in spite of their differences and against all odds. We are confident this story will resonate with audiences around the world and anyone who has ever been in love.”

Carson and Melton are best known for their roles on Songbird and Riverdale.