“Spider-Man: Far From Home” Unveils New Trailer

Jake Gyllenhaal and Tom Holland in "Spider-Man: Far from Home"

Avengers: Endgame left us with a lot of questions about the future of the MCU, and some of them will be answered in Spider-Man: Far From Home. This movie will take us a few months into the future, and the new trailer reveals what the world looks like after Endgame.

If you haven’t seen Marvel’s latest smash hit yet, new trailer for its follow-up is one huge spoiler since it shows Peter Parker dealing with the aftermath of the previous film. Teen superhero thinks he’ll finally get a break from his crazy adventure during a school trip to Europe, but that’s not the case.

Peter ends up being ambushed by Nick Fury, who needs help from the friendly neighborhood Spider-Man. He’s forced to team up with Mysterio, and go against elemental creatures from another dimension.

Tom Holland and Samuel L. Jackson will return to their respective roles as Peter Parker and Nick Fury. Spider-Man: Far From Home also stars Jake Gyllenhaal, Zendaya and Marisa Tomei, and it’s scheduled to come out on July 2.