“Star Trek: Picard” Gets Season 3 Renewal and Season 2 Trailer

Patrick Stewart in
Patrick Stewart in "Star Trek: Picard"

There’s good news for Star Trek: Picard fans—the spinoff has been renewed for Season 3 and a new trailer was released for Season 2!

The show will be returning for a new season in February 2022 on Paramount+ and the new trailer for Season 2 gives details about what to expect as well as a look at newly added cast member Annie Wersching as Borg Queen.

In the trailer we see Jean-Luc Picard (Patrick Stewart) encountering the trickster god Q (John de Lancie) who’s an old frenemy and being zapped into an alternative timeline where the world is now dark and dystopian with a regime ruling. Only Jean-Luc and his compatriots realize something has changed and they decide to travel back to modern-day Los Angeles to set things straight. In order to get there, they must go through Picard’s old adversary, the Borg Queen, who appears to be a captive on Earth in the alternate reality.

Check out the trailer below.