“The Batman” Can’t Come Soon Enough Based on this Trailer

Robert Pattinson in
Robert Pattinson in "The Batman"

Gotham has been warned. 

Robert Pattinson will clearly be taking no prisoners when he embodies the Dark Knight for Matt Reeves’ The Batman. 

The new trailer for the upcoming film, released at DC FanDome 2021, presents like a film noir. A dark, brooding tone is present, with it apparent that Reeves’ interpretation will be fairly violent.

It was announced during last year’s DC event that The Riddler would be the main villain, with Paul Dano assuming the role. He will be joined by Colin Farrell as Penguin, while Zoë Krawitz takes on Catwoman. The chemistry between her and Pattinson is clearly evident in the trailer, so expect some charged moments! 

Speaking of the titular character, the Tenet stars seems to have gotten Batman’s voice down pat(tinson) based on what we’ve heard (sorry, we had to!) 

This is also the youngest incarnation of Bruce Wayne that we’ve seen, and you can just feel raw frustration simmering below the surface…

All will be revealed when The Batman hits screens on March 4, 2022.