The BBC Pulls Out of Netflix’s “The A List”

Screenshot from "The A List"

The A List is now totally a Netflix venture. 

The British series initially began as a partnership between the streaming service and the BBC, but the British national broadcaster has now decided to pull out as the thriller heads into a second season. 

Lisa Ambalavanar stars as a teenager who finds herself at a summer camp in the Scottish Highlands. As the series progresses, Mia and the other 11 learn that dark, supernatural secrets abound. 

When it commissioned the series, which was first shown locally in October 2018, the BBC’s plan was to target its younger, teen audience. 

“It’s about sophistication of story-telling because everyone has grown up on shows like Harry Potter with really high-end production values,” said the BBC’s commissioning editor for children’s drama, Amy Buscombe. 

Despite The A List doing well on Netflix when all 13 episodes launched in September, the BBC has decided not to commission a second season. This means that Netflix will be flying solo when the series returns, as confirmed by co-creator, Nina Metivier.