“The Boys” Will End With a Gory, Epic, & Emotional Season 5

Antony Starr in
Antony Starr in "The Boys"

The Boys grew into one of Amazon Prime Video’s biggest hits since its premiere, but all good things must come to an end. Eric Kripke announced his decision to wrap up this superhero satire with Season 5, which he described as “a gory, epic, emotional climax.”

This hit series chronicles the journey of the group of vigilantes known as The Boys and their formidable leader Billy Butcher, who are ready to do whatever it takes to take down the corrupt superhero team The Seven, led by the ruthless Homelander.

Prime Video recently renewed The Boys for its fifth season, and its creator Eric Kripke just announced this will be the show’s final chapter. He imagined this series with a five-season arc and said he’s thrilled to bring the story to its gory, epic, emotional climax.

Other projects in this franchise may continue their run, including the spin-off Gen V, but Season 5 felt like the natural ending for the mothership series.

The Boys story is about Butcher and Homelander and these two planets crashing into each other and this particular story doesn’t work without both of them. And you can only keep that going for so long. So what I would say is, this particular story is ending,” Kripke told Variety.

The Boys will return for its fourth season on Amazon Prime Video on June 13.