“The Crown” Star Helena Bonham Carter Responds to Being Replaced

Helena Bonham Carter. Photo by Anthony Harvey/BAFTA/REX/Shutterstock (9421003lf)

Helena Bonham Carter has responded to her replacement on The Crown and by the sounds of it, she couldn’t be more chuffed about who the role is going to.

Bonham Carter plays the role of Margaret on the show. She played Margaret for two seasons and now, the baton is being passed to Lesley Manville (Sweeney Todd). The show will jump forward in time and explore a new era of the British royal family.

Speaking at a BAFTA Q&A session, Bonham Carter said about the switch: “Vanessa Kirby [who played Princess Margaret in seasons 1 and 2] was incredibly enthusiastic and kind and generous and gave me lots of tips. I said ‘Help! How do I do this?’ Because you can get a bit overwhelmed by all the research.

“And you know it’s conspicuous, you know people are going to watch it, which is a great gift. Lesley, I feel like I should hand her the cigarette holder that I used, as a baton. Over to you, woman.”

She added: “She’s going to have a great time with [Margaret], and I’m so chuffed it’s her, and she’s a great actress, and she’ll have great fun.”

You can watch seasons one to four of The Crown on Netflix now.