“The Harley Quinn We Deserve:” Warm Reception for the Villainess’ Animated Series at New York Comic-Con

Kaley Cuoco in "Harley Quinn."

One of the most anticipated shows, due to be released on DC Universe, is the Harley Quinn animated series. In the Warner Bros. Television Block at New York Comic-Con, fans were treated to an advance screening of the pilot episode. The reception was enthusiastic.

“#Harley Quinn is something different for cartoons. It’s hilarious, it’s violent and absolutely not for kids,” wrote one viewer on Twitter, while another claimed it was unbelievable. “The crowd at MSG was literally screaming with laughter. November 29th suddenly feels too far away!” he wrote.

Other fans warned the audience about the strong language implemented by the show. “The Harley Quinn pilot was amaaaaazing. They said ‘f**k’ 20 times in 25 minutes because of course I kept track” she wrote. “This is truly the Harley Quinn we need and deserve” summarized another fan.

The show follows Harley Quinn – voiced by Big Bang Theory’s Kaley Cuoco – as a strong and smart villainess and her relationship with the Joker. She befriends The Riddler and Poison Ivy as she struggles to make it on her own as an independent villain.

The show will premiere on November 26.