The Lion King Just Became Disney’s Highest-Grossing Film

Zazu (John Oliver) and Young Simba (JD McCrary) in "The Lion King." Photo by Walt Disney/Kobal/Shutterstock (10341456d)

The new adapted “live” version of The Lion King has been received with mixed reviews but there is no denying the warm welcome of the box office. The remake, made by Jon Favreau, is shattering record after record.

This weekend the movie added another 20 million dollars to its domestic revenues and another 861 million dollars overseas. This brings its numbers to 473 million dollars at home and 1.334 billion dollars worldwide.

With that, the movie became the highest-grossing live-action release of Disney, excluding Marvel or Star Wars movies. Recently the movie became the 5th movie in 2019 that has passed the 1 billion dollars’ barrier. It has also become the highest-grossing live adaptation Disney has made surpassing 2017’s Beauty and the Beast.

But even if you, like many other people, consider The Lion King as an animated film it is still the highest-grossing of the studio’s history. The former film to hold that title was Frozen with 1.276 billion dollars in worldwide revenues.