The New “Child’s Play” Trailer is Terrifying

Aubrey Plaza in "Child's Play"

This is one trailer we were almost too scared to watch.

Mark Hamill is voicing the character of Chucky in a reboot of the 80s horror series, Child’s Play, which still gives us nightmares to this day.

In the reboot, the Star Wars actor provides his voice to the creepy doll who is given to Andy, played by Gabriel Bateman, by his mother who is portrayed by Aubrey Plaza.

In the modern-day retelling, the murderous toy is linked to an app that pitches the doll as “your new best friend”, but things begin to go awry…

“Mom, I need to tell you something, and I need you to believe me,” the teen says. “I think Chucky did something…”

Murders begin occurring in the town, with Andy determined to stop Chucky — despite all technology turning against its owners.

Child’s Play opens on 21 June, but it’s definitely not for kids.